The TechMed Centre Innovation Hub offers a broad range of services to partners within and interested parties beyond our existing network. These services include, but are not limited to, contract research, innovation brokerage, facility sharing and student projects. Do you have specific questions? Contact us and we gladly customize our service to make your innovation or research question work.

Contract Research

Are you looking for the expertise of one of our research groups and interested in a quick start of your project? We offer contract research solutions for specific research questions or validation studies. Via contract research, a company can ensure a fast start of research activities without the involvement of external funding organizations. By contract research you can use the knowhow, expertise and facilities of TechMed Centre and obtain a science-based answer on your questions. Contract Research agreements will typically have a time span of 1 month to a year, they can also cover a full PhD study of 4 years. Agreements on the scope of the project, confidentiality and IP are tailored to the specific project.

Innovation Brokerage

Finding the right expertise or professional is sometimes challenging. As we are well connected to many researchers, companies and healthcare professionals, we can help you finding the right partner by free innovation brokerage. Please contact us with your questions, and we can help you finding the right answers.

Facility Sharing

The Technical Medical Centre actively stimulates facility sharing. You can choose from a broad range of facilities, each with tailored fees. We typically offer two types of facility sharing:

  • Short term usage: companies, hospitals or healthcare associations rent specific labs or training facilities for a couple of hours or a few days. In this case a simple usage agreement and hour rate based fee is applied.
  • Long term usage: startups (primarily UT Spinoffs) using specific lab facilities of the research group with whom they collaborate for a period of 1 year in order to start the first business activities without investing in own lab facilities. For this purpose, we develop tailored facility sharing agreements.


The DesignLab is a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Twente, connecting science and society through design. Faculty and students from all fields work together with companies and governments to implement and develop scientific and technological insights that can be used in finding and shaping creative, innovative and meaningful solutions for complex societal challenges. The DesignLab offers advice on the ethical and societal readiness of your innovation, as well as advice on responsible innovation.

Student Projects

In many cases, student projects could be an ideal starting point for a new project, initial feasibility study, or new partnerships with a research group. We offer to help you contact the right education program, formulate the research question and connect to researchers for technical or medical supervision.

You are also free to contact the internship offices (UT overview) of Biomedical Engineering, Technical Medicine, Industrial Design or deliver cases to the HTHT minors for your technical-medical oriented research questions.