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The TechMed Innovation Hub offers a broad range of services to partners inside and outside our existing network. These services include, but are not limited to, innovation brokerage, shared research projects, facility sharing, knowledge transfer and funding programs.

Innovation brokerage

Finding the right expertise or professional to collaborate with can be challenging. As we are well connected to many researchers, companies and healthcare professionals, we can help you find the right partner by free innovation brokerage. Please contact us with your questions, and we can help you finding the right answers.

Collaborative research opportunities

Are you looking for the expertise of our researchers or research facilities to support the development and evaluation of your innovation? We welcome healthcare professionals, MedTech companies, research institutes, health foundations and other healthcare related organizations to contact us with their research questions. Together we explore the joint interests for collaborative research and the formats of collaboration. Collaborative projects typically range from student projects (low cost, short term, no outcome guarantees), to externally funded (subsidized, risk of long throughput time and dismissals) and contract research projects (quick start, science-based answer to your questions, tailored IP agreements).

  • Student projects

    In many cases, student projects are an ideal starting point for a new collaboration, initial feasibility study, or new partnerships with a research group. We can help you contact the right education programme, formulate the research question and connect you to researchers for technical or medical supervision. 

    You can also contact the internship offices (UT overview) of Biomedical EngineeringTechnical Medicine, Industrial Design or deliver cases to the HTHT minors for your technical-medical oriented research questions.

  • Externally funded collaborative projects

    Depending on the topic, type an format of research collaborations, (parts of) the cost of projects can often be funded through external grants and open calls. Examples of these programs are the European Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ programs, and National programs via NWO, STW, and NKI-LSH.

    The TechMed Centre also invests in collaboration initiatives via our own funds and voucher programs. These programs have a wide variation in available budget, partner participation and topics. We support the joint search for and application of appropriate external funding. Please don’t hesitate to contact usfor personalized advice. 

  • Contract research

    Are you interested in a quick start of your project? We offer contract research solutions for specific research questions or validation studies. Via contract research, your company can ensure a fast start of research activities without the involvement of external funding organizations. Through contract research you can use the knowhow, expertise and facilities of the TechMed Centre and obtain a science-based answer to your questions. Contract Research agreements typically have a time span of 3 months to several years. They can even cover a full PhD study of 4 years. Agreements on the scope of the project, confidentiality and IP are tailored to the needs of the specific project. 

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Creating impact based on the results of research by bringing them to the market can be accomplished through the creation of a spin-off or through licensing and collaborating with existing companies, both large and small. The Novel-T Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) supports researchers of the University of Twente throughout the entire process: from scouting & screening to the protection of results, building a business case and starting a spin-off or contacting companies for licensing. The business developers of the KTO can provide all necessary support. Visit the website of Novel-T to contact or learn more.


Together with our network partners we invest in the TechMed ecosystem by organizing symposia, workshops, thematic events, medical tours and trade missions. We also actively facilitate matchmaking and innovation brokerage. For our latest event updates and registration, visit the event page.

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