Internships & theses


After graduation, Technical Physicians are scientist-practitioners who are able to design and develop new possibilities in diagnosis and treatments by integrating the latest complex technology in health care. This new technical medical professional will work in teams, consulted by other top-medical professionals on- complex patient-specific interventions. He will be legally certified to treat patients. The Technical Physician will be able to design and develop new diagnostics and therapeutics. A large part of these knowledge and skills will be learned and tested during longer periods of internships in academic and teaching hospitals.


During the bachelor’s program there are 3 short period internships of 2 weeks, with the goal to familiarize with all elements of hospitals: the patient, the organization and the medical specialist.

The students final exam is the Bachelors thesis: A multidisciplinary project for groups of 3 to 4 students. It can be considered as the proof of competence. All projects are based on actual clinical questions and problems, coached and supervised by clinicians, technologists, mentors, and in some cases by a company-representative. These projects are approximately 10 weeks.


During the master’s program of Technical Medicine there will be 4 internships of 10 weeks in the second year (M2) and one final graduation internship of 40 weeks in the last year (M3). During the internships of M2, students improve their technical medical knowledge, learn to solve technical medical problems, to apply their expertise to clinical situations and take appropriate actions for individual patients. At the final year (M3) students show their high academic-technical ability to contribute to the applied scientific research and daily medical practice within their chosen specialization.

A whole year will be devoted to an academic proof: mastering, analyzing, solving and implementing a complex practical clinical-case within the realm of Technical Medicine. Students will be guided by specialized professors in the field of Medicine, Technical Medicine and Technology.


After their graduation, some of our students have chosen to further deepen their knowledge, scientific strength and experience as a PhD-student. A successful (4 year) PhD research-project results in the proven ability to do academic research autonomously. In this respect, a lot of clinical departments offer excellent possibilities for the finest students.