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The Technical Medical Centre is an open innovation landscape that aims to improve the medical impact and speed up the economic return of new healthcare concepts and products. By sharing our state-of-the-art facilities we aim to boost the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of medical innovations.

We typically offer two types of facility sharing, each with tailored fees:

  • Short term usage: companies, hospitals or healthcare associations rent specific labs or training facilities for a couple of hours or a few days. In this case a simple usage agreement and hour rate based fee is applied. 
  • Long term usage: startups (primarily UT Spinoffs) using specific lab facilities of the research group with whom they collaborate for a period of 1 year in order to start the first business activities without investing in own lab facilities. For this purpose, we develop tailored facility sharing agreements

For the best matches to your innovation questions, the Innovation Hub can also connect you to partners in the ecosystem with appropriate facilities and expertise, such as the DesignLab, RRD labs, FabLab Saxion, etc.