The Pioneers in Healthcare Innovation Fund pioneers both by developing new technology for clinical problems, and by exploring the possibilities to use existing technology for new medical applications. Both routes act on the cutting edge of care and technology. The solution of a clinically relevant problem can only be achieved through collaboration between technical researchers and clinicians. The clinicians learn about the opportunities and new insights that technology offers. The technical researchers gain understanding of the clinical problem and develop technology with clinical relevance.

The vouchers

In 2020, two types of vouchers will represent these pioneering routes: 

  1. Technological Pioneering in healthcare
  2. Applying technology in healthcare

For both types of vouchers, €60,000,- is available per project. Get inspired and informed by previous awarded projects

Project teams of at least a researcher employed by the UT or Saxion and a medical professional employed by MST, ZGT or Deventer Hospital can submit a proposal.

Submit a proposal

Research proposals should be submitted in the web application, that you will find on this page after September 8, 2020. Please use the PIHC Proposal 2020 Format for your research proposal and the PIHC Financial Plan 2020 Format for your financial plan (will be updated soon). To submit a Dutch proposal use the Dutch formats. A Dutch and English title, keywords and public summary will be included in all proposals. 

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Assessment procedure

The PIHC Innovation Fund has appointed an assessment committee representing all four partners of the fund to assess and evaluate the submitted proposals (max. 2 persons per partner). The committee consists of: Representatives (professors) of the Technical Medical Centre of the UT, lectors from Saxion and the managers and research coordinators of the Medical School Twente of MST, the ZGT Academy and the Science & Innovation Office of Deventer Hospital. Read the complete procedure and assessment criteria.


All main applicants of submitted proposals receive a confirmation or rejection letter after the award ceremony. If the proposal is successful, the main applicant becomes the project leader, co-applicants will become team members.