Vouchers & Timeline

The Pioneers in Healthcare Innovation Fund pioneers both by developing new technology for clinical problems, and by exploring the possibilities to use existing technology for new medical applications. Both routes act on the cutting edge of care and technology. The solution of a clinically relevant problem can only be achieved through collaboration between technical researchers and clinicians. The clinicians learn about the opportunities and new insights that technology offers. The technical researchers gain understanding of the clinical problem and develop technology with clinical relevance.

Two voucher types

In 2023, two types of vouchers will represent these pioneering routes. For both types of vouchers, €60,000,- is available per project. Get inspired and informed by previous awarded projects


The first type of voucher 'Technological pioneering in healthcare' is intended for the (further) development of a new technology for a specific clinical challenge. Clinicians provide essential knowledge and input from medical practice. In the assessment procedure of 'Technological pioneering in healthcare' proposals, the ‘technological-scientific challenge’ will be a more important criterion.


The second type of voucher 'Applying technology in healthcare' are projects that examine how technology with a proven track record (within or outside healthcare) can be used for a new application, such as another disorder, a different target group, or use in a different environment. As the technology is already more mature, the results can be of significance in the relatively short term in healthcare. In the assessment procedure of 'Applying technology in healthcare' proposals, ‘clinical impact’ will be a more important criterion.

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