TechMed mobilises forces to support hospitals

Pioneers in Health care Innovation fund

Technical solutions to overcome limitations in the current health care, or new medical applications of existing technology, that’s what’s Pioneers in Healthcare is all about. These solutions are definitely not the easiest, but challenge both parties to speak each other’s language.

With the innovation fund, the University of Twente, Saxion, MST, ZGT and Deventer Hospital are promoting bottom-up collaboration between the world of new technologies and medical practice with a view to facilitating the introduction of innovative technology in the clinic. Health insurer Menzis supported this initiative from 2015-2018.

On Monday evening, 9 December 2019 the PIHC2019 vouchers will be awarded at Deventer Hospital.
More information about the programme and registration
On this evening, 10 ‘Technological pioneering in healthcare’ and ‘Applying technology in healthcare’ vouchers will be awarded. All applicants will be anxiously waiting whether their proposal will win a voucher.