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PIHC Award ceremony

Within the Pioneers in Health Care (PIHC) Innovation Fund, the University of Twente, Saxion, Medisch Spectrum Twente, ZiekenhuisGroep Twente and Deventer Hospital have a mutual goal: faster introduction of innovative technology in clinical practice. The Pioneers in Healthcare Innovation Fund pioneers both by developing new technology for clinical problems, and by exploring the possibilities to use existing technology for new medical applications.

On Thursday 19 January 2023, we organized the PIHC Award Ceremony. During this event 11 "Technological pioneering in healthcare" and "Applying technology in healthcare" vouchers were awarded. All applicants were anxiously waiting whether their proposal would take home a voucher and flowers.

Our host for this evening, Saxion University of Applied Science, created an after movie of this festive evening. Pictures are available at this page.



Registration (Saxion Enschede, main hall)


Welcome by Anka Mulder; chairman Executive Board Saxion


Jan Jukema Lector Personalized Care;
‘Broad prosperity: the next challenge for pioneers in healthcare’


Street food


Award Ceremony PIHC 2022 vouchers including pitches by the winners