Fighting Corona Crisis

TechMed Mobilises forces to support hospitals

The corona crisis puts huge pressure on hospitals and healthcare professionals and leads to a shortage of medical supplies and equipment. The Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente initiated several activities to support the healthcare sector in coping with this crisis. From fast training of care professionals to new solutions for the shortage in respiratory equipment. This webpage shows more information about the various initiatives. 


Taskforce Ventilation

working together in corona times: innovation and technology in the fight against covid-19 - webinar

On June 30, the University of Twente organized this online talk show, where different UT initiatives (in collaboration with external partners) were discussed.

Watch the broadcast here:



The TechMed Centre explicitly calls on its stakeholders to share knowledge and work together. Business director Remke Burie: “We make an appeal to partners in and outside the Twente region, including high tech companies, to help us accelerate our plans. It is clear that we need speed right now.” The TechMed Centre closely collaborates with ROAZ (network for acute care), many hospitals and the Ministries involved.

ir. R. Burie MBA (Remke)
Managing Director Technical Medical Centre