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About Your Sustainability Journey


About your sustainability journey

Many of us want a more sustainable world, but issues like climate change, inequality, and consumption systems seem too big to address by ourselves. The truth is, even if governments and companies make drastic changes, we still have to change our own lifestyles to reduce our footprints. 

Currently, not many people are actively taking steps to become more sustainable. This is because people find it difficult to determine what is true concerning sustainability, and which options there are for their personal lives. So it’s not a lack of motivation, in fact 88% of Dutch inhabitants are willing to change their lifestyle. How can you easily find out more about what you can do?

To help inspire you about actions you could take, we have developed the workshop ‘Your Sustainability Journey’. This workshop helps you discover the steps of your individual journey: your current impact; what it could be; and how to get there by focusing on specific actions you can take. It uses a card deck with different actions that you sort into three simple categories: Things I Already Do, Things I Could Do, and No Way. Example actions include use a reusable water bottle, buy fresh food, plant a tree, join a climate organization, and get an energy audit. The back of each card has information about how much of an impact the action makes. In just a few minutes, you'll have a clear idea of your next step to making the world more sustainable. 

This workshop has its origins in the growing greener initiative by Prof. Mick Smyer and is an integral and funded project of the Shaping Expert Group on sustainability.

For this workshop, we use the Sustainability Card Game. This card game has been specifically designed for the workshop and gives an insight into which actions you could take to reduce your carbon emissions and what the reduction in carbon emissions would be. Both students and staff at the University of Twente can sign up for a workshop here. You can also contact us about giving a workshop to a bigger group. You can also order your own set of cards here.

“The workshop gives the feeling that small steps can make a difference, which is very motivating for people that see sustainability as a big, heavy, scary obstacle.”
“It contributes quite much to my awareness, it is really an eye-opener to what relatively easy things one could do directly to help on improving the sustainable way of living.”
Participant feedback

Workshop schedule

At the University Twente, we offer workshops for students and employees. Both online and face-to-face workshops are possible. Sign up for one of the workshops here.


25th of January | 12:45-13:40 | DesignLab


Calculating Carbon Emissions

In 2021 we are recalculating the expected carbon emission reductions for the existing cards using Dutch input data. We are further examining the calculation methods applied to the existing cards and adjust accordingly to Dutch circumstances where applicable. After this, the next step is to develop new calculation methods and gather data for the newly suggested cards.

Inter-generational Learning

From 2022 we will test whether parents' attitude towards sustainable actions changes after children at Dutch elementary/high schools participate in the workshop.


Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions on how to improve this workshop:

dr. K. Vink (Karina)
Postdoctoral researcher