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The University of Twente is an enterprising university that contributes to social issues in the field of sustainability by developing innovative solutions. Our approach, which combines technical and social sciences, is truly unique: High Tech, Human Touch. We develop and implement sustainable innovations in close cooperation with our environment, and our students and employees play an active role in this process. Our green campus is a living lab for research and education and inspires us to operate in a more sustainable fashion. In our education, research and operations, environment and climate are paramount. The core business of the University of Twente is research, education and valorisation, and sustainability is a key theme in our curricula and research programmes. UT is a clear forerunner in this field of research and we distinguish ourselves by developing highly practical solutions, as is expressed clearly in our partnership with Kennispark Twente, where science becomes business. We also seek to organize our business processes as sustainably as possible, in line with our responsibility to society. We aim to apply as many findings from our own research as possible.


Our students are trained as professionals who can develop and combine high-quality knowledge and translate it into practical applications. Awareness of sustainability is a natural part of this process. UT students develop a broad perspective: they have an eye for their surroundings and social dilemmas and are able to deal with them properly. The multidisciplinary nature of our degree programmes contributes to this. Sustainability is addressed systematically in every degree programme, which means that every single of our graduates will have worked on this team in a meaningful way and can continue to use this experience in their professional lives. Foreign students take this high-quality knowledge back to their own country. 

Sustainability is a key part of our High Tech, Human Touch approach and it has been embedded in our education and research in myriad ways. A good example is the Master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Technology, a two-year programme focused on the energy revolution. On top of that, our ITC faculty specializes in earth sciences, among other fields, and so on.

In addition to entire degree programmes focused on sustainability, the environment and energy, almost every Bachelor’s and Master’s programme contains courses that emphasize sustainability, such as “Technology, Globalization and the Environment”, “Solar Energy”, and “Sustainable Civil Engineering”. UT’s course guide (Osiris) contains more than 40 courses that have a direct link with sustainability.


The University of Twente is working on the technologies of the future (ICT, bio and nanotechnology), in addition to behavioural and social science research. It is precisely at the intersection of different disciplines that the most interesting and relevant innovations for people and society emerge. "High tech, human touch" is the motto of the University of Twente: technical solutions for sustainability problems are given meaning for people and society through behavioural and social science research.

The UT is a major player in the field of research into social transition processes, which are indispensable when implementing and initiating new, sustainable technologies. In addition, we distinguish ourselves through our excellent research in the fields of renewable energy and water, for instance. We conduct high-level research with a keen eye for social applications and knowledge valorisation. With its research and education, the UT provides solutions to make tomorrow’s society more sustianable.

Sustainability research on campus

The campus offers many opportunities to carry out research in the field of sustainability and innovation. Interested? Contact Campus & Facility Management via the secretariat or send an e-mail to sustainability@utwente.nl.