Erasmus+ Traineeship Scholarship

Erasmus+ Traineeship Scholarships are available for UT students who will do a traineeship (internship or graduation) abroad at a company, education centre, university, research centre, or other organisation in one of the participating countries. The value of your Erasmus+ Scholarship depends on your destination, with a monthly allowance varying between € 390 and € 510 in the academic year 2022-2023 (see Erasmus Scholarship Amounts). 




    After Brexit, the UK will no longer take part of the Erasmus+ programme. Nevertheless, since there is still budget left from the Erasmus+ 2020 programme , we will still be able to grant most applications from students departing to the UK in Fall 2021.

    Once the 2020 budget is fully granted, students who are going to the UK are no longer eligible for an Erasmus+ Scholarship. UT will automatically offer these students a Twente Mobility Fund Scholarship or a Holland Scholarship (depending on availability) instead.


    Students who go to Switzerland on an exchange can not qualify for an Erasmus+ grant because Switzerland is not one of the program countries. Switzerland has the "Swiss - European Mobility Program", which is financed with a Swiss subsidy. Students must apply for the scholarship at the Swiss host institution. More information about this scholarship can be found on the Movetia website.


    Double degree students can only apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship if they meet these requirements:

    • The student is enrolled at UT during the entire mobility.
    • The programme abroad counts toward the students’ UT degree. (The EC’s obtained with the mobility must count for UT degree. If the EC’s count for the partner's degree, the scholarship can’t be granted by UT.)
    • The mobility can’t take place in the country of origin.
    • The student can’t apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship at the partner institution as well. A statement from the partner may be requested.

    All parties must sign all required forms before the deadline (not after your arrival at the host institution).  If your application is finished too late, you will no longer be eligible for a scholarship.


All applications will take place via your registration in Mobility-Online. The application for a scholarship will automatically appear in your workflow.

Before your departure, you are required to take the following steps:

After you have finished the required steps and your scholarship has been granted, you will receive a provisional amount of 75% of the scholarship.  

Language courses

OLS offers free online language courses to all Erasmus Exchange Students (see OLS Language Course for all available languages).
Contact if you are interested in an online language course!

During the mobility

The section ‘During the mobility’ in your workflow within Mobility-Online registers any changes to your mobility programme. Please have any changes to this section approved by your host institution and faculty contact person and signed by all parties or confirmed by email.

Extension of the mobility period

If you want to request an extension of your mobility programme abroad, send an email request to your faculty contact person and This request has to be submitted no later than one month before the scheduled end date of your exchange programme.

After the mobility

After you have finished these final steps, you will receive the remaining amount of your scholarship.

Please be aware that if you fail to meet all of the scholarship requirements mentioned above (before, during and after the mobility), the UT reserves the right to cancel the allocation of the scholarship.

All steps are required based on very strict Erasmus+ guidelines. In case an application remains incomplete, the advance amount will have to be paid back in full.


If you have any questions about Erasmus+  or other outgoing scholarships, please feel free to email our Scholarship Office at


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