The UT’s Twente Mobility Fund (TMF) offers all students the possibility to study or do an internship abroad outside Europe for a minimum of 8 weeks.

All eligible students starting courses outside the EEA will be granted a fixed amount of € 500 per mobility within this time frame. Please check the conditions below for eligibility.


  • You are enrolled as a full-time UT student at the moment of scholarship application and for the entire duration of your stay abroad.
  • Your study abroad is part of your Bachelor or Master curriculum.
  • Scholarships can not be combined with other UT Scholarships (Erasmus+ and Holland Scholarship).
  • You can only apply for a scholarship for a maximum of 12 months per study phase (Bachelor or Master). This is the total of all UT Scholarships (Erasmus+, TMF and Holland Scholarship).
  • You are studying abroad or doing an internship / research outside the EEA for a period of 8 to 52 weeks.
  • During the entire period abroad, you are both living and studying/working in the host country.
  • A TMF scholarship is not meant for study or internship in your home country.
  • Apply for a TMF scholarship at least two weeks before departure.
  • Make sure you finalize your scholarship application within one month after your end date.


The UT does not provide financial support for study/internship in areas or countries considered unsafe (in Dutch: ‘onveilig’) by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. International Office reserves the right to deny your TMF application based on additional safety information. For detailed information (in Dutch) about the safety of countries worldwide, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (link below). Keep in mind that a study/internship abroad is always considered a non-essential trip.

MinBuza Travel Advice Website

Application procedure

All mobilities abroad are automatically checked for scholarship opportunities when registered in Mobility-Online.

After registering your mobility in Mobility-Online, your faculty will check and approve the mobility. After the mobility has been approved, you are required to fill in the Scholarship Questions. The answers to these questions can be considered your application: based on the answers, a scholarship can be awarded.

To be eligible for TMF, your mobility must be registered and approved at least 2 weeks before departure! 

During and after your mobility

After your TMF-scholarship has been awarded, you will receive the full scholarship amount (€ 500,-) before departure.

Any changes to your mobility (e.g. changes in courses, duration, research proposal, etc.) can be registered in Mobility-Online in the 'during the mobility' section. There are no other steps to take during your stay abroad.

At the end of your mobility, you can download a Letter of Appointment in Mobility-Online. This certificate of attendance contains information on the nature of your studies/assignment. It needs to be completed, signed and (if possible) stamped by your supervisor at the host organization and uploaded within 4 weeks after the end of your mobility. After your Letter of Appointment has been uploaded, your scholarship application is completed.  


If you have any questions about TMF or other outgoing scholarships, please feel free to email our Scholarship Office at