Upon arrival

Bank account

Why A Dutch Bank Account?

  1. Scholarships administered by the University of Twente will only be transferred to a Dutch bank account.
  2. Possibility to pay your tuition fee in five instalments (bachelor and master students).
  3. Buying train tickets at NS vending machines. Without a Dutch bank card, you have to buy tickets at the office window, which is not always open and is more expensive.

How to open a dutch bank account

On Campus Students

Visa students

Students requiring an entry visa will be guided through the bank account application process by the University of Twente before arrival. Alternatively, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in the bank account application form (including the date and place)
    • For ‘the course will end at’, make sure you fill in a date, which lies at least a year ahead from now (even if you are only staying for one semester).
    • As ‘correspondence address’, please state the same address as for ‘residential adress’.
  2. Print out the application form
  3. Sign the form in the box "Application's Signature"
  4. Scan the form
  5. Send your form to internationaloffice-visa@utwente.nl using the subject line: "application ABNAMRO account/your name/student number.
  6. Please mention your TIN-code in your email, if you are from an EU country (this is your Tax Identification Number).

The University of Twente will send the application form for the ABN AMRO bank account. Within 4 working days, you will receive an email from the bank to confirm your application. After this, you will receive a second email to invite you to the bank to come activate your account.

Non Visa students

Students who will live in the Netherlands for a long period are advised to open a Dutch bank account for the following reasons:

  • if you want to pay your tuition fee in monthly installments it can only be withdrawn from a Dutch bank account
  • you will be able to pay little amounts with your bank card at the university e.g. copying in library
  • to pay traintickets

You are free to choose a bank account in the Netherlands, but with ABN/AMRO, the processing time will be quick since a BSN is not needed. Opening a bank account at ABN AMRO is free of charge, whereas the monthly service fee is €3,35.

Once your status in Studielink, under My Study Programmes, is "enrolled", please visit the Student Services desk to request a proof of enrolment. You don't need to ask for a proof of enrolment when you have already received your student card.

With your student card or proof of enrolment, go to the ABN/AMRO bank shop opposite the central train station in Enschede. Also bring your passport or identity card. An appointment will not be necessary. If a bank officer is available, an account will be opened for you right away. During this process, the bank officer will explain to you how you will receive your debit card and how to activate the account.

You will receive a personal civil service number (BSN) when you have been successfully registered at the municipality. Inform ABN/AMRO of your BSN (Burger Service Number) as soon as you have received the number by regular post. Mention your surname, bank account number and BSN.

When you leave the Netherlands at the end of your course you must go to the bank and cancel the account.

Note: opening a bank account at ABN AMRO is free of charge, whereas the monthly service fee is € 3,35.

Citizen Service Number

Inform ABN AMRO of your Citizen Service Number (BSN/Burgerservicenummer) as soon as possible. You will receive this number when you have been successfully registered at the municipality.

Off Campus Students (ITC)

ITC students will be guided in opening a bank account during registration upon arrival.