Opening a bank account

Students who will live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time are advised to open a Dutch bank account

You are advised to open a Dutch bank account for the following reasons:

Currently there are some new regulations being introduced which do not allow students to open up a regular Dutch bank account without a BSN number. After you have registered at the municipality a BSN number will be provided to you in approximately two weeks. If you wish to make an appointment to open up a bank account, please bring the BSN number with you, along with your passport and a proof of enrolment from the university.

If you do not have a BSN number yet, you can still open an account at several banks, but there are conditions and requirements in place (such as providing a declaration of enrolment). Check with your preferred bank what applies to your situation.

Bunq bank

Bunq bank offers an online bank account without needing the BSN number straight away. The bank account will be ready in one day. For scholarship recipients and minors this is a good option, although the costs are higher than those of other banks. However you will have to do everything online; there are no branches available to go to.

ING bank

The ING bank has an office in Enschede city center and offer student packages free of charge (website in English at the top of the page)

It may take several weeks after your arrival before you can use your Dutch bank account. Make sure you bring enough money to be able to afford your living expenses during your first month in the Netherlands.