Financial matters overview


As a student in the Netherlands, you will have various costs to cover, such as tuition fees, visa payments, housing, insurance, and day-to-day expenses. On these pages, you will find all the rates and conditions of the tuition fees for our bachelor’s, master’s and pre-master’s programmes, how to open a bank account and the cost of living in the Netherlands.

More about finances

  • Tuition fees

    Find out more about the amount of tuition fee you have to pay or how you can pay on the Tuition Fee pages.

  • How about a part-time job?

    As an international student in the Netherlands, you may want to take a part-time job to cover expenses, help you assimilate into Dutch society, and gain some work experience. Career Services can provide you with information on the departments and organisations, inside and outside of UT that can assist you when looking for job opportunities while studying.

  • Scholarships

    UT offers various scholarship programmes to international students. Each scholarship programme has its own set of conditions and requirements. Make sure your scholarship application is completed before the scholarship application deadline.

    Check the UT Scholarship Finder for more details.

  • Interest-free loan for the acquisition of a notebook

    UT offers an interest-free loan for getting a notebook.

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