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Shaping 2030 Our strategy

The current University of Twente Vision 2020 focuses on the University of Twente’s position in 2020. As that date is nearing rapidly, it is time to take our ambitions to the next level: Shaping 2030.

With a world around us changing rapidly, and changes having a rather disruptive character, the question is: what is needed for a successful journey to 2030? That question will be the central question in forming a strategic vision for the period until 2030.

This year, we will be working on a new strategy for the University of Twente. The process is titled Shaping 2030, as we will not only create an outlook of the future, but discuss how we can be change leaders in shaping the coming decades.

Detailed information on the process can be found here.


inspirational sessions

In the first phase, it is all about setting the scene. In seven sessions, all aspects of the playing field of the university have been brought together. We invited everyone to reflect on the university and its future. There is room for divergent opinions, bold visions of the future and strong opinions on what is needed to have real and lasting impact. For that, we need views both from the internal community and from the outside world: to inspire us, to be critical and to make sure we don’t overlook relevant trends and developments.

From 18 January onwards, we have been organizing a series of inspirational sessions on a variety of themes and ideas of which it is not yet certain if and how they will materialize. We have invited thought leaders to take us on a journey to find out what these developments will mean and how they can be approached.

Watch the full video registrations and read the extended summary to learn about the most important outcomes.
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Our guest speakers

Moonshot Meetups

The University Innovation Fellows and DesignLab have taken the initiative for the Moonshot Meetups: from 5 March until 10 April, a series of sessions were held on developing a student vision of the UT in 2030 by following design thinking methods. Find out more about the sessions here!

Round table conversations

Besides the inspirational sessions we have also organized Round Table Conversations with groups of representatives from faculties (staff and students) and service departments. The aim of these sessions is to explore specific issues and formulate a number of perspectives especially useful for the UT that will serve as input for the new mission, vision, and strategy. Find out more and about the round table conversations here.


The Executive Board of the University of Twente has expressed their desire for joint ownership, continuous interaction and dialogue within the UT community. Shaping the future of our university is important for every community member and stakeholder, and therefore everybody has the opportunity to contribute his or her ideas. Please join the inspirational sessions or if you have any other ideas, suggestions or comments, please use the form on this website.

Further opportunities to express your thoughts and ideas will be communicated via this website and through our regular communication channels.