Thermo-gravimetric analyser

The Perkin-Elmer TGA-7 thermogravimetric analyzer measures the weight loss of samples upon heating. The samples can be heated in a nitrogen or an air atmosphere, the gas being selectable via manual mode. The furnace can heat samples from room temperature to 900°C. The balance is sensitive to 0.1 microgram. The instrument uses Perkin-Elmer Pyris software for data acquisition and processing.


TGA, Perkin- Elmer 7 thermal analyzer, high temperature furnace.

Measurements / Setups:

Thermal loss, decomposition studies, weight % loss, activation energy.


Temperature range : 20-1000°C, Scanning rate ; 0.1 – 200 °C/min., Heating ,cooling and isothermal steps in one run, Temp precision : ± 2°C, Reproducibility to ± 2μg, Sensitivity:  0.1-  0.2 μg, Capacity: 1300 mg.


Platinum sample pan, sample thermocouple, hanging wire



ME 113

Research group:

Elastomer Technology & Engineering (ETE)


S. Maghami / W.K. Dierkes