Mooney Viscometer

The Mooney viscometer 2000 has been used especially in the rubber industry for more than 50 years. The MV 2000 from Alpha technoligies builds for Mooney viscosity measurement. In addition, stress relaxation can be measured at the end of Mooney viscosity test, indicating both elastic and viscous properties of the sample. The MV 2000 can also be used for scorch tests.


Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, stress relaxation

Measurements / Setups:

Mooney viscosity of pure rubber and filled rubber compounds, Mooney scorch, stress relaxation measurements


Standards: ASTM D 1646, ISO 289, Rotor speed: 2 rpm, Sample volume: two piece test specimen having a combined volume 25 cm3 (approx.), Temp.: calibrated range 100 – 200°C


Large rotor, small rotor



WH 115

Research group:

Elastomer Technology & Engineering (ETE)


W.K. Dierkes