Internel mixer

Brabender® 350S measuring mixers are inter­changeable measuring heads which, in connection with a Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station, serve for testing the processibility of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, ceramic molding materials, fillers, pigments, and many other plastic and plastifiable materials under practice-oriented conditions.

The measuring mixers consist of a mixer backstand with gear unit and a detachable mixer unit.

The Lab-Station is the basic unit for applicational investigations or processing tasks in laboratories and simulation. Just dock the movable and self-centering measuring heads like mixers and extruders to the basic unit.


Mixer, tangential rotors, mixing, mastication, compounding

Measurements / Setups:

Mixer used for rubber compounding


Brabender® 350S, various applications, 390 cm3, max. torque: 400 Nm, max. temp.: 250°C, speed: 1...350 rpm (infinitely variable)


2 Mixer units, Extruder unit



WH 115

Research group:

Elastomer Technology & Engineering (ETE)


S. Sarkawi / W.K. Dierkes