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P0 parking area closed from Monday, 19 October

Parking area P0 (next to the Langezijds building) will be closed from Monday 19, October due to construction activities in and around the building. We kindly ask you to use other parking areas from then on, for example parking lot De Esch. See the map for all parking areas on our campus.

Which construction activities will take place?
From Monday, 19 October, Dusseldorp infra - demolition - environmental technology will start with the renovation of the Langezijds building. This year, they will be working on the removal of facades and the demolition of the old roofing. In the new year, they will start making recesses in the roof and floor for the new required atria and building the new entrance for the relocation of ITC in building Langezijds. Following these renovations, the building contractor that is yet to be selected will take over the building site and sustainable renovations will begin.