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Comparative judgement and entrepreneurial inspiration Two educational podcasts for the price of one!

Ready to get EduTalking again? We’re back after getting a new podcasting platform to not just release 1, but 2 episodes!

Comparative Judgement

“This one’s good… but the other one’s better!” it’s in our human nature to do comparisons. This can also be part of your assessment by the means of comparative judgement. In this episode we talk with Marieke van Geel and Priyanka Pereira of the ELAN department at BMS, who research and use this methodology. You can read more about their experiences here as well, together with the use of the tool Comproved to facilitate it. 

TELT is looking for participants to pilot the use of Comproved for the UT. Want to be a part of it or discuss the possibilities? Let us know by mailing telt@utwente.nl

Technology Enhanced Learning.& Teaching

The Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching team explores and guides projects regarding digitalisation of education.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

As educator you’d like to inspire your students to do obtain more than a degree, but do something with their qualities and knowledge. In fact: why not go and become the next Steve Jobs of Twente? In this episode we talk to Rainer Harms & Kasia Zalewska, who focus on the topic of entrepreneurialism in a technical university. They share some experiences and best practices in this field.


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