Want to record a video for your education? We have a couple of facilities available just for you!

Within the UT we have the videoteam available to consult and assist you with producing your educational video. Besides their services, they have some facilities for you to use.

Do-It-Yourself studio

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) studio is meant for creating microlectures or live presentations. The one-button approach makes it easy for a teacher to record a microlecture. Recordings are performed with no crew and no editing is needed. The teleprompter offers voice recognition functionality and automatically scrolls through the script in accordance with your pace of speech.

The DIY studio helps you create appealing and excellent quality videos, while allowing you the flexibility of booking it at any moment that suits you.

Recordings and live events in Studio 200 with crew

In our Studio 200, the videoteam facilitates recordings and webcasts for live-lectures, informative videos, e-learnings and discussion panels of all kinds.  The videoteam also offers lightboard recordings and recordings of podcasts or vodcasts. All the studio programs can be streamed live via, Zoom, MS Teams, Vimeo and YouTube.

The videoteam offers full support; camera’s, lights, and audio solutions will be taken care of by a professional crew.

Podcast and vodcast recording facilities

Many people do not like to read, but they do like to listen. This makes a podcast very suitable as a means of communication. A podcast can be used for many purposes: inspiration, information, opinion, education, or entertainment. In our Studio 200 in the Spiegel building, we can accommodate up to 4 guests simultaneously. As it is a mobile solution, you can also record outside the studio at your preferred location. 

Podcasts are usually audio recordings. But there is also the option to record with cameras as well. With automatic camera switching or a fixed Picture-in-Picture setup you can record your podcast so it becomes a vodcast: a video podcast. 

Record a podcast with professional equipment and support

Lightboard recording

The Lightboard is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light.  It's for recording and hosting video lecture topics.  You face toward your viewers, and your writing glows in front of you. 
It’s a great tool that combines both a video lecture with the benefits of a real whiteboard. It’s an excellent tool for recording video clips that include mathematical formulas, exercises, examples and drawings.

The lightboard allows you to do some great visuals with your education.

The videoteam... what else?

Do you have any other ideas or questions regarding video in education? Then contact the videoteam to see what's possible.