This is the website off the Bachelor Programme International Business Administration at the University of Twente. The website contains information for current students and employees of the IBA programme such as Timetables, Schedule (Rosters), Facilities, Manuals, Sytems, Graduation, Arrangements and Contact information, Study Programme, Minor, Honours and Study Abroad, Forms and Regulations.Also look for news and other useful applications on student portal.

about iba

The BSc IBA programme presents the basis of International Business Administration interdisciplinary through the inclusion of its main disciplines, with a focus on UT’s ‘high tech human touch’ (HTHT) Business Administration fields:  Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Change Management, Innovation and Technology Management, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Strategy, Business Information Management, Purchasing and Supply Management, all in an international/global context. 

Next to the knowledge domains, four themes are integrated into the programme: research methods, business skills: academic, professional & reflective skills, internationalization and corporate interaction.

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Curriculum and overview of modules  

International Business Administration is a three year bachelor programme. Each year is divided into four quarters, each consisting of ten weeks. The academic calendar details the holidays and closing days taken into account. Each quarter consists of 15 European Credits (EC). The curriculum has a total of 180 EC, meaning students are expected to earn 60 EC per year. Each year consists of four modules, each with their own theme within the programme. During the first semester of the third year, you as a student have the opportunity to follow a minor of your own choice.

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The content on this website is aimed towards current students and employees. This website contains detailed information about timetables, study porgramme, Minor, Honours, Study abroad, graduation, facilities, manuals, systems, forms and regulation, arrangements and contactinformation. Also look voor exam schedules, and other useful applications on student portal. Please notice: at the time you will start studying, this information may be outdated. As a prospective student you may find the most recent information on:

bachelor programme

A schedual of the of the bachelor curriculum 2017-2018 can be found here. When you click on the course code, it wil redirect you to the course page, which provides more thorough descriptions of the content of each module/course.If you need information about previous Programmes, please see our archive

Bachelor programma year 2

B2 modules

Module 1:

Strategy, Marketing and Economics

Module 2: 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Module 3:

IBA Elective 1, (choice: 1 out of 2)

* Supply Management

* Digital Marketing for Networked

Module 4:

IBA Elective 2,(choice: 1 out of 2)

* Financing Entrepreneurial Start-ups and Innovative firms

Business Innovation through IT Project Management

Alternative choices for IBA electives (permission via study advisor)

* High Tech Talent Management in a Global Context (Q2)

* Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship (Q1)

Information for 2nd year student

Slides information meeting 2nd year IBA on 11 September 2017
Order of modules in cases of fail for 1 module