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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can all students apply for the Bachelor Honours programme?

    The Bachelor Honours programme is open for all motivated and ambitious first and second year Bachelor students. However, there is a selection procedure before you can take part in the programme. More information about the selection procedure and the requirements can be found at Admission & Application.  

  • How much time will it cost me to participate in the Bachelor Honours programme?

    There are lectures on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 18.15 to 20.15. On top of that, there is some course preparation, self-study, and project work to be done in your own time. On average, participating in the Bachelor Honours programme will cost you about 12 hours a week.

  • What are the costs of participating in the Bachelor Honours programme?

    There are no additional costs for participating in the Honours programme. Books and other materials needed for the lectures will be provided by the Honours Office.

  • How are examinations done in the Honours programme?

    Within the Honours programme, you will only have projects, assignments, essays and presentations. We test skills and the application of knowledge into a field, not the knowledge in themselves. There are, therefore, no exams in the Honours programme.

  • Is it better to join the Honours programme in my first or second year?

    We advise you to join our programme in the first year of your study. During the Honours programme, you will get into contact with a lot of other different studies and directions, which can help you shape your academic career. Furthermore, if you start in the first year of your Bachelor, you will be finished in your second year, meaning that you will leave the third year more open for minors abroad and your graduation (see also “Is it possible to go abroad?”).

  • Is there any background knowledge needed to apply for any of the tracks?

    In general, we do not expect any specific background knowledge. You will learn everything you need during your time within the track. We do expect students to have a minimum English level of B2 (i.e. being able to express yourself and discuss well in English in both written and oral form).

    For the Mathematics track, we strongly recommend students to only participate when they have a strong mathematical background. Here, it suffices if your study follows the UT general engineering mathematic line and your grades for these courses are of sufficient level.

  • Is it possible to switch tracks during Honours?

    Yes, it is possible to switch between tracks after having completed 10 ECs of the programme. The switching moment, therefore, takes place in the summer holiday. However, if you want to switch, you need permission from both tracks  and you have to consult the Honours Office.

  • What happens to my ECs if I am not able to finish the complete Honours programme?

    In general, we expect from students who apply for the Honours programme to successfully finish the full programme in-time. If you do not manage to complete the full 30EC, you will not receive an Honours Certificate nor the Honours Pin. The Honours courses you finished successfully will be added as extra courses in your regular Bachelor programme: finished courses will not get lost. This is graphically depicted here.

  • Is Honours education online or on-campus?

    We strive to keep Honours education on-campus. As we are a very small and personal programme, we are very eager to keep providing in-person lectures whenever possible. Of course, we abide by all regulations and do everything we can to ensure your safety (including distancing in the lecture halls, mouth masks and disinfectants). For students who experience Covid-19 symptoms, are in quarantine or are otherwise unable to join the in-person sessions, we provide hybrid solutions, allowing students to join in online.

Going abroad

  • Is it possible to go abroad during my time in the Honours programme?

    Yes, especially for students who want to go abroad we created the Honours Individual Project (10 EC) This gives you the opportunity to continue your Honours education while you are abroad. 

    The Honours individual project or HIP for short is a substitution for the honours education when you are abroad. During the modules you are abroad, you can for a large part pursue your own interests. You will set your own learning goals and come up with your own ideas on how to reach those goals. To ensure educational quality, the learning goals you set should be in line with the learning goals of the modules you will miss. Before you can commence with your individual project, a proposal needs to be handed in to and approved by a committee which checks the academic quality of what you plan to do.

    Currently, the following tracks of the Bachelor Honours programme allow students to do the Honours Individual Project: Entrepreneurship & Business Development; Mathematics; Philosophy; Shaping the Future.


  • Is it possible to participate in single courses of the Bachelor Honours programme?

    As community building is an important element of the Bachelor Honours programme and as courses within the programme are part of a larger integrated track, it is usually not possible to apply for single courses.

    For ATLAS and Exchange students, there is an exception to this rule. These students are allowed to apply for single courses and successful completion of these courses will be awarded with ECs. However, these students will not receive an Honours Pin or an Honours Certificate. Also, please take into account that all students who want to participate in the Honours programme, even if they are only interested in single courses, have to go through the same selection procedure (see article 2.2 of the Honours Education Regulations). If you want to apply for single courses, please contact the Honours Office for more information. 

  • Is it possible to pause my Honours education (e.g. for a board year)?

    We advise you not to pause your Honours education. However, it is possible to file a request for an exception at the Honours Office. The Honours exam committee will decide if your request is granted.

Other questions

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    If you have another question, please contact the Honours Office.