Integrated Maintenance and Service Logistics Concepts for Maritime Assets (MaSeLMa)


Start: 01-01-2014
End: 01-01-2017


MaSeLMa is Dinalog project


Eindhoven University of Technology, NLDA, Damen Thales, Imtech Marine, Alewijnse, Royal Netherlands Navy




The project “Integrated Maintenance and Service Logistics Concepts for Maritime Assets” (MaSeLMa) focuses on developing innovative concepts to improve the predictability of maintenance and service logistics demand on the one hand, and developing smart concepts of service logistics optimization, supply chain coordination and cooperation on the other hand. Research is organized in three work packages. The first WP aims to increase the predictability of maintenance (i.e. prevent failures / reduce unnecessary maintenance). For this WP a PhD candidate is sought, for which the project description is given below. WPs 2 and 3 focus on service logistics planning and supply chain coordination, respectively.

The objective of the present PhD project is to develop and validate a predictive maintenance concept for maritime systems, based on modeling the physical failure mechanisms and applying the monitored variation in loads and usage.