Research subjects

Energy Conversion and Storage

Our research on energy conversion and storage is mainly focused on the development of innovative solutions for the energy transition, including thermal storage, heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

people involved

example research

Innovative microencapsulated phase change materials for direct-absorption solar collectors

Project description:
Direct absorption solar collectors (DASCs), in which the heat transfer fluid (HTF) directly absorbs and converts solar energy into thermal energy, have proved to have higher receiver efficiencies than conventional solar collectors. The incorporation of phase change materials (PCMs) in conventional HTFs offers potential to enhance the efficiency even further. The aim of the project is to introduce and characterize novel microencapsulated PCM slurries (ME-PCMS) for direct absorption solar collectors. The working fluid acts both as the HTF and energy storage medium, following two main purposes:

  • to increase the efficiency,
  • to increase energy storage capability of the collectors. 


A novel thermosiphon-like cooling system based on magnetocaloric nanofluids

Project description:
The use of conventional air conditioning and refrigeration technologies causes global warming through the emissions of greenhouse gases. This research develops an innovative air-conditioning and refrigeration system based on magnetic nanofluids. The proposed system has a great potential to provide enhanced performance properties mainly with respect to heat transfer. This means that the system will be more efficient and environmentally- friendly by avoiding emissions of greenhouse gases. The project cooperates with industry to bring this new type of cooling to the market in future.


contact person

Dr. M. Shahi (Mina)
Assistant professor