Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering (TFE)

Research Groups 

The department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering (TFE) department of the University of Twente comprises three research groups. More information about the research groups can be found in the slideshow below or in the dropdown menu to the left.

Research Groups
Engineering Fluid Dynamics

The research of the chair deals with theoretical, numerical and experimental studies, all aimed for applications in Mechanical Engineering.

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Thermal Engineering

The research in the Thermal Engineering group is concerned with questions related to industrial applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat and mass transport.

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Multi-Scale Mechanics

The chair Multiscale Mechanics studies systems in which physical and mechanical processes with distinct characteristic scales are equally important – and interacting.

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Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics in the BSc. programme Mechanical Engineering. Thermal and Fluid Engineering  (TFE) is one of the specializations of  the MSc. programme Mechanical Engineering. Detailed information on the programme and the list of courses given by the TFE department can be found on the  education page. Starting September 2020 leading the ME Master tracks: Aeronautical Engineering, Energy and Flow, and contributing to Personalized Health, Materials, and others.


Our laboratories are well-equipped and have bench-scale facilities and pilot-plants for thermal conversion processes and (aero-acoustic) wind tunnel facilities.  For large computations and to speed up the calculation process the department has the availability over multiple high-end computational clusters. More information about the facilities can be found on the facilities page

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Organisation and Contact

The department is chaired by prof. dr. ir. Gerrit Brem and the first focal point for internal affairs within the university. The primary contact person for students and educational matters is the coordinator education prof. dr. ir. Kees Venner. The secretariat is located in the Horstring building N242. Contact details of the secretary of each group can be found on the contact page.