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Igor Ostanin new Assistant Professor Computational Multiscale Mechanics at the Multiscale Mechanics group


Igor’s major scientific interests lie in the field of self-organization of discontinuous systems, including exotic packings of elastic spheres, geometric frustration in twisted assemblies of fibers, adhesion-driven self-assembly of carbon nanotubes, self-organization of eroded sandstone. Other research interests involve shape and topology optimization, digital design of composites and metamaterials, efficient numerical methods in mechanics and physics of solids and high-performance computing algorithms.

Igor’s work has been recognized with a number of honors and awards, including 2020 Peter A. Cundall award.

In his new role, Igor will continue developing his major research lines in close collaboration with MSM group members, using the group’s state of the art developments, most importantly – MercuryDPM code and its rich toolkit for the problems of granular solid mechanics.