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Granular Matter Webinar Series Glass half full: Embracing the unexpected in granular systems

Speaker: Prof. Christine Hrenya, University of Colorado at Boulder

Date: Thursday, 22 October 

6:00 AM Los Angeles, USA
7:00 AM Colorado, USA
9:00 AM New York, Boston, USA
10:00 AM Santiago, Chile
2:00 PM United Kingdom
3:00 PM Central Europe
6:30 PM Delhi, India
9:00 PM Beijing
12:00 AM Sydney, Australia

Link: Join the webinar at the scheduled time here.

Note: Please join with your cameras off and microphones muted

Granular and multiphase systems containing solid particles display a host of behaviors unlike those of their single-phase counterparts.  The unexpected behaviors are often at odds with current hypotheses, which ultimately leads to a greater physical understanding.  In this talk, results from our investigations into liquid-coated particles, clustering instabilities, and cohesive-particle flows will be presented.  Each topic will be discussed in chronological order, revealing the unexpected results we encountered, the hypotheses we developed to explain said behaviors, and the testing of these hypotheses until a a physical understanding emerged that we were confident in.  This presentation echoes considerably the material covered in the 2020 van 't Hoff lecture (September 2020, TU Delft Process Technology Institute), with modifications to target the Granular Matter webinar audience.

If you have any questions, contact Jack Manzi at jack.manzi@springer.com