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Sylwia Oleś wins two prizes for her poster

Sylwia, a doctoral student, has completed her first year with great achievements, securing two awards for her conference posters.

She received the Best Poster Award titled ' Towards the design of a supercritical combustion chamber for combusting H2 in sCO2 and sXe' at the 8th International Supercritical CO2 Power Cycle Symposium in the USA and claimed second place for her poster 'Super (critical) combustion' at the national COMBURA symposium, focusing on combustion.

 Her research is an integral component of the HERMES project (https://hermes-energy.eu), aimed at developing a zero-emission energy system. This initiative focuses on highly efficient supercritical gas turbines operating on sCO2 and sXe, utilizing renewable fuels.

 Sylwia's research delves into supercritical combustion, employing a dual approach of numerical simulations (CFD, FEM) and experimental methods. Presently, she is collaborating with HERMES project partners to design a laboratory test rig, intended for the experimental exploration of combustion parameters under very high pressure and temperature conditions.