Transport engineering and management (TEM) provides courses in the Bachelor Civil Engineering and a specialization in the Master’s programme Civil Engineering and Management.


In de bachelor Civil Engineering verwerf je zowel de technische als de niet-technische expertise die nodig is om complexe civieltechnische uitdagingen te kunnen aanpakken. Je leert alles wat je moet weten om als civiel technicus grote projecten te ontwerpen, construeren en beheren op het gebied van bouw & infra, waterbeheer, en verkeer & vervoer. Daarnaast word je expert in de essentiële organisatorische en niet-technische zaken daaromheen, van juridische en bestuurlijke aspecten tot communicatie, project- en procesmanagement.

Bij verkeer gaat het om de combinatie van infrastructuur, mobiliteit en duurzame transportsystemen.


What is Transport Engineering & Management?

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Civil Engineering and Management.

This specialization will teach you about the engineering, socio-economic, spatial and environmental aspects of traffic and transport systems in relationship to human behaviour.

The specialization in Transport Engineering & Management deals with the behaviour, performance and management of traffic and transport systems. You will learn about the engineering, socio-economic, spatial and environmental aspects of these systems and about various aspects of human behaviour in respect to their potential use.

Transport planning and traffic management issues are another key topic covered in the specialization. You will take an integrated approach to studying travel demand, infrastructural supply, maintenance, performance and control. You will make use of a number of different tools for analysing traffic systems on different scales of space and time and for evaluating the impact of human interventions. You will address topics such as area-wide dynamic traffic management, intelligent transport systems, urban transport, sustainable development, traffic monitoring and evacuation planning. You will apply a methodological perspective to modelling, strategic planning, data fusion, evaluation methods and dynamic optimization.

For more information about the graduation process: see the MSc-thesis guide

Student manual for Bachelor theses 2019

A Bachelor thesis in the area of Transport Engineering and Management and a Master thesis, as part of the Master track can be conducted under supervision by the Centre for Transport Studies. If you need more information about the bachelor you can contract Karst Geurs.

To make an appointment to start you Master thesis, please contact Prof. Eric van Berkum at For all questions or appointments, you can also contact our secretary Dorette Olthof. Telephone: (0031)(0)53-489 4322.