Welcome to the official website of the SKF University Technology Centre (UTC) for grease lubrication at the University of Twente

The SKF University Technology Centre for Grease Lubrication at the University of Twente formalizes the collaboration between the University of Twente and SKF Research and Technology Development. Research is executed in Post-Doctoral, PhD and MSc projects as well as in smaller projects by staff members of the University of Twente. The projects are an essential component of a research portfolio that is part of SKF's (Grease) Lubrication Research Road Map. This means that the results of the projects will be implemented in SKF bearing applications aimed towards predicting and extending grease life (reliability), while reducing friction and therefore energy consumption.

A Roller Bearing (Courtesy of SKF)

SKF is a Swedish world-leading rolling bearing manufacturer. Most of these bearings are lubricated with grease, making grease a primary bearing component. Applications include wind turbines, electric vehicles, railway, racing, electric motors, aerospace, etc. In addition to bearings, SKF supplies seals, lubricants, lubrication services, lubrication systems, and condition monitoring services and equipment.

Lubricating grease is a complex semi-fluid/visco-elastic material that contains a lubricating Lubricating greaseoil in a semi-elastic fibrous micro-structure. The very slow release of oil (bleed) feeds the rolling contacts with lubricant, providing high durability. Unfortunately, grease degrades due to shear and temperature, and therefore has a finite life. Every project at the UTC contributes to understanding the physics and chemistry of grease lubrication, and to the development of SKF’s Grease Life models and Grease Selection methodologies wherein, in addition to life, energy consumption via friction is considered.

Technologies addressed at the UTC are based on rheology, fluid dynamics, physics of complex fluids, chemistry, thermodynamics and tribology. The UTC is part of the MS3 department of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. However, there is strong collaboration with research groups outside the department and faculty.

The UTC was inaugurated in September 2020. The core UTC personnel are:

Dr. Jude A. Osara PE, UTC Manager Robert Jan Meijer, Head of the Tribology Laboratory 

Prof. dr. ir. Piet M. Lugt,  Senior Scientist at SKF, UTC Lead Scientist and 'Tribology Based Maintenance' Chair Holder

Prof. dr. ir. Matthijn de Rooij, UTC Director and 'Surface Technology and Tribology' Chair Holder

PhD candidates:

Pramod Shetty, MSc

Ir. Femke Hogenberk, MSc

Ir. Lieke van Ginkel, MSc Robert Jan Meijer, MSc

Sander Reuvekamp, MSc

Vincent Siekman, MSc

Min Gao, MPhil

Luciana Buonaiuto, MEng 

For more information, please contact Dr. Jude Osara at