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Tribology Based Maintenance


The subjects that are addressed in Tribology-Based Maintenance are related to durability and reliability of grease lubricated bearings.  The developed knowledge should contribute to the development of life/reliability models that can be used to predict maintenance intervals.

Our research is focused on lubricating grease performance. This lubricant is a semi-solid material with complex rheology  (visco-elastic, shear thinning, thixotropic). The material consists of a thickener forming a matrix (15%) containing lubricating oil and additives (85%). The competence in terms of grease lubrication lies mainly in the application of “Physics and Chemistry of Fluids” and lies on the interface between tribology/lubrication, fluid dynamics and rheology. Model development is on “Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication” and “Lubricating Grease Degradation”. 

The ultimate goal is to be able to select lubricants such that rotating equipment will never fail or such that maintenance can be planned well before possible failures of rolling bearings.