Ton Bor

Associate Professor

Contact information

University of Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Chair of Production Technology
De Horst, N203
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands
P +31 (0)53 489 2453t.c.bor[a]

Teaching Activities

In the Mechanical Engineering bachelor courses on materials science in module 2 (“Materials Science 1”) and module 3 (“Materials Science 2”) are provided along with support for some of the other modules.

Furthermore, guest lectures are given for a number of minors and support is provided to the minor “Design & Technological Challenges ME” related to various student teams (a.o. Green Team Twente, Solar Team Twente, Solar Boat Twente).   

In the master phase the course on Moulding Technology is given and a number of other courses are supported, such as “Solids and Surfaces”, “Process Equipment Design” and “Design, Production and Materials”. 


Research interest has always been very broad ranging from condition monitoring of u-PVC gas pipes, self-healing fibre reinforced composite materials, plasticity in stainless steel and TRIP steel to X-ray analysis of various material systems.

The current research is focused on the development of new additive manufacturing approaches enabling the use of a wider range of materials and opening up new application areas. The main focus is on solid state deposition of lightweight aluminium and magnesium alloys based on the in-house developed friction surface cladding technology. The work is performed in narrow co-operation with the Non-linear Solid Mechanics chair and the Surface Technology and Tribology chair within MS3.

The development of suitable approaches towards additive manufacturing of elastomers was recently started in co-operation with the MS3 chair of Elastomer Technology and Engineering.

Finally, projects on micro-scale deposition of metals employing laser induced forward transfer (chair of Laser Processing) and complex wetting phenomena and functionalization of textiles (Materials Science and Technology of Polymers chair) are supported.