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Omid Nejadseyfi (O.) MSc.


Room: HR N127
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 8953
Position: PhD-student

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

Differentiation through Tailored ScatterMaterial property and process scatter in forming of high-strength steelsRobust optimization of metal forming processes

Research Projects


Differentiation through Tailored Scatter

In the automotive industry energy efficiency and CO2 emissions need to be improved significantly and this is partly achieved by reducing the weight of the cars. This drive to reduce weight forces the automotive industry to use more (Advanced) High Strength Steels (AHSS). Examples of (A)HSS are High Strength Low Alloyed (HSLA) and Dual Phase (DP) steels. AHSS are more critical in forming than commonly used mild steels and consequently the forming processes are closer to the limit. Often this leads to problems in production. Process designers therefore have to employ mathematical optimisation to achieve robust metal forming processes, taking the process and material scatter into account. No attempt has yet been made to tackle the description of scatter in AHSS.