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Multi scale friction modelling and wear investigations for hot sheet metal forming


Start: 01-06-2015
End: 01-06-2019




Tribo-thermo-mechanical interaction between the tool surface and the workpiece is of major importance in hotstamping. It controls/influences the heat transfer, strain distribution and tool wear and thus the microstructure and mechanical properties, mechanical and crash performance, and process productivity and part quality. Knowledge of the tribological behaviour of AlSi based coatings in hot stamping is important for further developments of the coating and for high value customer support. FE (Finite Element) analysis is common in the metal forming industry to perform feasibility analyses and to optimize process parameters. The friction handling in FE software is very simplistic and a better description of the friction will result in better predictions. In this project the friction mechanisms in hot stamping with AlSi coating will be addressed and a physical based friction model will be coupled with FE analysis.