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Model based surface texture design for zinc coated metal sheets


Start: 01-06-2016
End: 01-06-2020




In sheet metal forming applications, the sheet metal is typically coated with corrosion resistant layer (e.g. zinc coating on steel). Friction condition during deep drawing forming process affects the quality of final product. To pursue desirable friction conditions, sheet metal coating is nowadays surface finished with an isotropic texture, in combination with lubrication systems. However, a well-founded design of coated sheet and optimized surface texture with respect to their frictional behaviour in sheet metal forming is not yet possible. The main aim of this research is to create model based surface design for multi-layered metal sheet based on fundamental physical insights to realize optimal frictional behaviour in sheet forming processes. Multi-scale contact and friction models will be developed which will focus on multi-layered textured metal sheet and will be formulated in such a way that they can be used in industrial-scale simulations of forming processes. A robust numerical optimization tool will be developed to optimize coating texture for pre-defined frictional behaviour.