Functional Surface Engineering & Design (FUSED)

Mission Statement

To become a global hub for research, development and learning in the prediction and production of surfaces for societal betterment.

Research Scope

Under the umbrella of functional surface engineering & design, we bring together surface topology, materials and measurement to understand and optimize their functionality within their intended environment. We achieve this for a wide range of products and applications to enable the production of new materials and surfaces.




Here are some examples of recent projects:

Collaborative robotics

Coupling polymeric materials  and biomimetic designs has enabled more accurate placement of small, sensitive parts during manufacturing.

Surfaces for Touch perception

Advanced contact models and in-house designed testing facilities have been realized to tailor polymer products which can influence a user’s interaction with – and perception of –  a product.


Laser surface texturing has been used to design a range of anti-bacterial and bactericidal surfaces in medical grade Cobalt Chrome for the first time:

Software development

A surface visualization tool has been designed for the design of surfaces and their influence on paint appearance for the automotive industry.


For more information, please contact Prof. Emile van der Heide or Dr. David Matthews