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Wind Turbine Maintenance and & Operation decision Support (WIMOS)


Start: 01-07-2015  
End: 31-12-2018

PARTNERS & Funding

Independent eXperts (IX), Joulz Energy Solutions

This project is funded by TKI Wind op Zee (via RVO) 

PROJECT WEBSITE /wind-turbine-maintenance-operation-decision-support-wimos 


Richard LoenderslootTiedo Tinga, Damian Rommel


In this project a decision support tool for maintenance of offshore wind turbines is developed, that better accounts for uncertainties than existing tools. The tool will be based on predictive models based on physical failure mechanisms for both mechanical and electrical subsystems and components. By combining these models with measurement data on specific operational and environmental conditions of a complete wind farm, an advanced modelling and simulation environment for operation and maintenance is obtained.

The concept for Predictive Maintenance based on physical models is demonstrated in the figure below, using a misalignment in a drive train as case study.