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Quantitative Tools for Life Cycle Management (Tools4LCM)


Start: 01-01-2013
End: 28-02-2018

Partners & funding

Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA), National Aerospace Laboratory NLR

This project is funded by the Ministry of Defence


Tiedo Tinga, Richard Loendersloot, Wieger Tiddens, Chris Rijsdijk


This project aims to develop quantitative tools to improve the Life Cycle Management process (both in general and specifically within the Ministry of Defence). Using data from different sources, i.e. failure, logistic, maintenance, usage, condition and financial data, methods are developed to quantify the maintenance performance. Both the costs and the resulting performance (i.e. realized availability) are addressed. A team of representatives from Airforce, Army and Navy has been formed to work on relevant case studies, like the CV-90, Cougar, F-16 and LCF, and provide useful input data. In addition the NLDA / UT researchers analyze the data and develop the new methods.


(1)Rijsdijk, C., Tinga, T., 2014. Kwantitatieve methoden voor verbetering van Life Cycle Management WP1: inventarisatie en methodiek, Netherlands Defence Academy