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Maintenance Decision Support and Simulation (MaDeSi)


Start: 01-03-2015
End: 30-09-2017


Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA), Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR) and Asset Management Control (AMC) Centre

This project is funded by the Ministry of Defence as a National Technology Project (NTP)




Van Tung Tran, Tiedo Tinga


This project aims to develop tools for decision support in the life cycle management of defense systems. As military systems are deployed in a very variable and unpredictable way, decisions on LCM can only be improved if the relation between the usage profiles (task + environment) can be related in a quantitative sense to the (expected) time to failure of components and systems.  A combination of data-driven and model-based approaches will be followed to establish these relations, making use of the various data sources available within the Ministry of Defence (registrations of failures, executed maintenance, usage, etc.).

In addition to establishing these relations, a simulation environment is developed. With the simulations, various deployment scenarios  can be compared in terms of availability and costs, which enables an objective decision process.

Several specific case studies, e.g. a patrol vessel, the Chinook helicopter and a  military vehicle, are used to develop and demonstrate the concepts.