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Quality Assurance System Engineering Technology

In 2016, the UCO (now UC-Ow) advised deans to initiate the implementation of the educational improvement cycle at the level of study programs and faculties. Part of this is a PDCA cycle in which programs and faculties propose and implement improvement actions and monitor the TOM principles. In 2018 the quality agreements were integrated in this plan as well.

Quality Assurance System ET

Programmes are free to formulate their own quality agenda. The programmes of Engineering Technology are using a Quality Assurance System which consists of two aspect:

  1. Interlinked quality (PDCA) cycles for each study unit on the level of degree programmes to safeguard quality, embedding periodic evaluations and systematic monitoring of improvements [Action Plans]
  2. Special attention to topics decided on in relation with the quality agreements with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. [Quality Agreements 2019-2024]

For the UT, five quality-agreement programs form the framework within which faculties and programs intend to improve education, but not all intentions from the quality assurance system are suitable to take part in this context. This means that issues from the action plans of the program are followed up: 1) as part of the regular quality assurance (and thus funded from regular educational resources), or 2) in the context of the quality agreements, provided they fit within the 5 quality agreements programs (with use of student advance funds).

How this is integrated you can find in our Quality Assurance Cycle.