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The educational philosophy of Engineering Technology can be characterised by the following three keywords: project-led education, bottom-up approach and a design and action-orientation, all three reflecting the entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary and interactive style of our education.

All programmes of ET aim to deliver ‘engineers of the future’; professionals with in-depth knowledge of their engineering discipline, who have access to a rich array of knowledge and skills to solve problems both individually and in teams. But also, students that are capable of applying their knowledge in a broader context, in collaboration with other disciplines, nationalities and society.  The faculty educates professionals with a broad perspective.

All programmes are aligned with this vision by implementation of thematic project education as the educational concept. In projects, students are asked to integrate and apply knowledge and skills from different areas. Learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment are closely aligned with this educational concept. Also, the fact that staff and students together shape this education; bottom-up, not top-down, is another characteristic of the educational vision that sets apart ET from other faculties around the country.