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Evaluation Study Programmes Engineering Technology

Every opinion counts! We attach much value to your review of the BACHELOR and Master programmes!

BacheLor Programmes

Evaluations of Bachelor and Master courses gives us a better overall view of the programme. Modules/semesters of our Bachelor programmes are evaluated with the Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) or other survey tools. 
In addition to the surveys, we also organize panel discussions to give students the opportunity to interact with the module coordinator and teaching staff about their experiences. 

Master programmes

Our Master programmes are evaluated with course evaluations, organised by student evaluation committees. Student results of course evaluations will be discussed in the Programme Committee and so contribute to the improvement of the programme. 


An additional form of quality assurance is the participation in the National Student Survey (NSE), International Student Barometer (ISB) and the National Alumni Enquete (NAE). These are national survey which are every year or bi-annual give tens of thousands of students the opportunity to give their opinion on their studies. 

Publication of Results

Evaluation results are published on our Canvas or Intranet pages:

Programme committees and examination boards publish their year reports on the website of the programme.