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Evaluation Study Programmes Engineering Technology

Every opinion counts! We attach much value to your review of the BACHELOR and Master programmes!

BacheLor Programmes

Evaluations of Bachelor and Master courses gives us a better overall view of the programme. All modules of our Bachelor programmes are evaluated with the Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ). The usage of the SEQ provides us the opportunity to compare courses with each other (benchmarking) as well.
In addition to the SEQ questionnaire, we also organize panel discussions to give students the opportunity to interact with the module coordinator and teaching staff about their opinion. 

Master programmes

Our Master programmes are evaluated with course evaluations, organised by studens (evaluation committees). Student opinions will be discussed in the Education Committee and contribute to the improvement of the programme. Also it is an important base for the choice of future students. 


An additional form of quality assurance is the participation in the National Student Survey (NSE). This is a national survey which every year gives tens of thousands of students the opportunity to give their opinion on their studies. We motivate students to participate in the NSE because it provides pupils and students insight into student’s opinions on the programme. 

 All evaluation methods are published on our Canvas pages:


The Keuzegids is an annual publication in which all Dutch bachelor's and master's programs are examined. For prospective students, it is an important source of information to make a choice for an academic degree. For the Keuzegids, the results of the National Student Survey of the past three years are used and the opinion of experts is used to come to this final result.

Results of the Keuzegids ET-programma's 2019 [Dutch only]

Keuzegids Master (2019)

Sustainable Energy Technology
Civil Engineering and Management
Construction Management and Engineering
Industrial Design Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Keuzegids Universiteiten Bachelor (2019)

Civil Engineering
Industrial Design Engineering
Mechanical Engineering