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Multiple faculty positions at the Department of Design, Production and Management

The Department of Design, Production and Management is hiring!

Designers and engineers at the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente envision a world in which technological innovations are developed with one single purpose: to serve humanity. To do so, we take current and future societal challenges as starting points for our work. Continuous growth in our research portfolio and educational efforts, creates new opportunities to join us in many of the areas our department covers. We are looking for versatile academic designers and engineers who want to contribute to a world in which technology, design, development  and engineering drive change in ways that benefit society, people and our planet.

Please find below the vacancies that are currently open for applications and their closing dates for applications:

(1) Assistant Professor in Humanitarian Engineering: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/661/assistant-professor-humanitarian-engineering/ Closing date: July 31

(2) Junior Lecturer in Humanitarian Engineering: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/660/junior-lecturer-humanitarian-engineering-08-fte/Closing date: July 31

(3) Assistant Professor in Future Exploration: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/726/assistant-professor-future-exploration/. Closing date: August 25

(4) Assistant Professor in Stakeholder Engagement and Co-Design: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/725/assistant-professor-stakeholder-engagement-co-design/Closing date: August 25

(5) Assistant Professor Design for Behaviour Change in Health and Wellbeing - Evaluation and Validation: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/719/assistant-professor-design-for-behaviour-change-in-health-wellbeing-evaluation-and-validation/Closing date: August 29

(6) Assistant Professor Impact of Systems Thinking in Design: https://utwentecareers.nl/en/vacancies/720/assistant-professor-impact-of-systems-thinking-in-design/Closing date: August 29