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Over 15 million people suffer from stroke each year worldwide. However, current neuro-rehabilitation treatments are sub-optimal. The main reason is that stroke movement assessment is currently done using subjective and not precise techniques. This project aims at transforming current stroke rehabilitation, based on therapist's subjective assessments, towards personalized treatment based on objective quantitative assessments of muscle function. GUTs will develop a soft and stretchable leg covering for measuring high-density electromyography, joint kinematics and musculoskeletal forces. The availability of this information in the clinics will transform the way a treatment is designed, planned and performed. The project involves a consortium of companies, universities and medical clinics including: the University of Twente, TMSi, Bard.zo, and Sint Maartenskliniek


Develop a system that enables optimal, personalized rehabilitation of patients with gait disturbances as a result of a stroke. The fast and accurate functional diagnosis required for this is based on an exact determination of the muscle strength of individual muscles by measuring surface electromyography (sEMG) in combination with the kinematics of the skeleton (i.e. joint angles).

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University of Twente, Department of Biomechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Technology


Peter Orth, project manager,

St. Maartens kliniek

Keijsers Noël, ,

Sander Geurts,


Bard Peskens,