The Biomechanical Engineering group (BME) is specialized in the application area of Biomedical Technology. The research aims focuses on the interaction between the human motor system and medical devices that support this system. The result of this research is applied in the development of innovative devices.

The mission of the research programme of BME is:

  • To excel in research at the interface of technological and medical sciences, aimed at improving the quality of life of patients with sensory or motor disorders, resulting in their increased independence;
  • To integrate fundamental, technological and clinical research;
  • To stimulate innovations in health care.

The medical application areas of the research are rehabilitation, orthopaedics and neurology. The research is focussed in three themes:

  • Neural mechanics: Goal is to better understand (impaired) human movement control, and to develop new methods and technologies for the diagnosis, recovery, and support of subjects with movement disorders.

The programme is entirely embedded in the Institute MIRA. In each research project, at least one clinical partner participates.