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Neuromechanical Modeling and Engineering Lab

We interface robotic technologies with the neuromuscular system for enhancing human movement. 

We investigate the basic neuro-musculo-skeletal mechanisms underlying healthy and impaired human movement. We apply neuro-mechanical modelling and electrophysiological signal processing, in a translational way, to develop real-time model-based control technologies for restoring natural motor function. Our goal is to establish a unique roadmap for discovering fundamental principles of movement at the interface between humans and wearable robots ultimately for enhancing human health.

Check out our latest podcast on AI-powered Digital Human Twins: https://open.spotify.com/show/3dQjP4kQ9nM3IaD5pHYvxB?si=8d01fd840d574e7a

Our research approach is detailed here and outlined in the webinar below: 

This research group was established in April 2017. It is headed by Prof.dr.ir Massimo Sartori and is part of the Department of Biomechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Technology, at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. 

Keywords: model-based control; model-based myoelectric control; wearable robot; electromyography; neuromechanics; biomechanics; neuromusculoskeletal modelling; human movement; exoskeleton; prosthesis.