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EEMCS Open Access Fund 2024

As of January 1, 2022, the UT has a policy on open access (OA) to UT publications which expresses the responsibilities of UT authors, the University Library, and faculty boards to make 100 percent OA publishing the norm at the University of Twente. More detailed information about open access publishing and links to several helpful websites can be found at the end of this page.

EEMCS will cover the costs of article processing charges (APC) for (high-quality) open-access journal articles or articles in hybrid journals when you need to comply with Plan S for articles accepted in 2024. Note however, that the fund might be depleted before the end of the year. Funding depends on several conditions listed below. The flowchart beneath the requirements will guide you through the entire process.

  • Eligibilty requirements EEMCS OA fund 2024

    Funding is only given for costs made by the University of Twente. It is allowed to opt for funding if the journal only gives an APC discount or if you share the costs with another group or institution -- contact us for details in that case.

    You are eligible for funding if you meet each of the following conditions:

    1.  You are the submitting and/or corresponding author* of the article.
    2.  You are employed at the EEMCS faculty.
    3.  The article states the University of Twente as your affiliation.
    4.  The article is published in a high-quality open-access journal that is registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
    5.  Your article is accepted in the period Jan-Dec 2024.
    6.  You have not received another grant for covering the cost of publishing this article open access.
    7.  The publishing costs do not exceed €2500.

    * This is the author who submits the publication and corresponds with the publisher during the publication process. If you're not, but your colleague is, you can include their name in the request form.

fund request Flowchart 

Links shown in the flowchart:

Request funding from the EEMCS OA Fund
Make request now
If you're eligible, use this form to request funding from the OA fund. 

Additional links and tips

You can find more information in general on open access on the UT open-access website. Below is some information specific to EEMCS.

  • Funder requirements for conference papers


    Although NWO has extended the requirements from Plan S for conference papers, they also admit it is not alway possible to comply with these requirements. Therefore, they will not enforce these requirements for conference papers.

    Horizon EU

    At the moment, Horizon EU is unclear in their requirements for conference papers.

    Of course, you must upload your paper in Pure, where it will be made available after six months based on the UT Open Access Procedural Regulations.

  • OA deal with ACM

    The ACM is transitioning to become a full open-access publisher. From January 2021, the UT has made a 5-year deal with ACM that covers the article processing charges (APC) for most journals and proceedings.

    Guidelines for how to use the deal

    Use your utwente email address when you submit your article, make sure that your affiliation on the article contains ‘University of Twente,’ and when asked, indicate that you do want to publish open access.

  • Plan S compliance when publishing with SIAM

    For plan S compliancy you are permitted by SIAM to deposit your Author's Accepted Manuscript (AAM)  at the time of final publication in UT Research Information under a CC-BY License.

  • OA options when publishing with IEEE

    To be compliant with the UT policy you can either:

    1.  Publish in one of the full OA Journals of IEEE. You can apply for a reimbursement of (part) of the APC from the EEMCS OA Fund.
    2. Publish (not OA) in one of the subscription or hybrid journals or proceedings and deposit the Author's Accepted Manuscript in UT Research Information at the time of final publication.
    3. Publish (not OA) in one of the subscription or hybrid journals or proceedings, register your publication in UT Research Information and after 6 months the library will open the published version in UT Research Information according to the UT OA procedural regulations.

    To be Plan S compliant you can either:

    1. Publish in one of the full OA Journals of IEEE. Make sure to reserve budget from your grant for the APC's.
    2. Publish OA in one of the hybrid journals. You can apply for a reimbursement of (part) of the APC from the EEMCS OA Fund.


Note: For questions about open access publishing in general, you can also contact the UT Open Access team: either through the UT open-access website or email them directly

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Information Specialist