About the logo

NE logo_black.png

The NanoElectronics logo

The NE logo is designed and produced by the renowned Art & graphical design workshop DoubleDoubleYOU™ without budget restrictions. The logo represents the soul and identity of the NanoElectronics Group in its very essence, distributed over multiple levels of meaning and symbolism whose exact, in-depth interpretation is still subject of lively discussion among graphical art scholars.

NanoElectronics is written all in capitals with increased font size for the leading N and E, characteristic of the commonly used abbreviation NE. The capitals doubtlessly represent the firm and solid character of the group. The sans-serif typeface is deliberately chosen to exemplify the no-nonsense character of the group and its members.

One of the most striking and intriguing features of the logo is the rapidly revolving curve that elegantly embraces the word NanoElectronics. Although being the topic of heavy mathematical investigation, so far no closed analytical description of this curve has been reported. A common interpretation of the curve entails an electron’s trajectory in a combined time-dependent electric and magnetic field under atmospheric conditions. Besides that, it is often thought that the up-going spiral represents the group’s unstoppable drive to move to the top and go for nothing but the best. In the mean time, it stresses the intimate relation between nano and electronics, as well as the harmony within the group.

The electron trajectory interpretation is reinforced by the shiny dot following NanoElectronics, consequently thought of as representing an electron. Although admittedly the most likely interpretation, there have been several additional elucidations, such as the conscious eye watching over the scientific sanity and solidarity within the group.

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