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WORKSHOP "SOCIAL ROBOTS in the social professions: but how??"

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The workshop has taken place; thanks to all who joined!


On 2 September 2021 HMI organises together with the PRoSPEro project a day about social robots in the social professions for people who work in the social professions. This day, which is from 10:00 - 16:00, combines a symposium with a hands-on workshop in which we explore what the introduction of social robots concretely means for daily practice. And can people working in the care sector  also play a role in this?

The day will be held both online in Zoom.

The day is meant for people who work in the social professions, in all forms, organisations, and functions. During the day, stories will be presented from the PRoSPEro project, but additionally there will be an extensive hands-on session in which we think together about how social robots, who more and more find a place in the care sector, can be made useful in the daily care practice.

The workshop is organised (and financed) by PRoSPEro, a European research project. The central question of PRoSPEro is "which skills to care professionals need in the future to employ social robots in a productive way, and where will they get these skills?"

Participation in the workshop is free.